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Availing our premium virtual reception services sets your 
business up with a dedicated or shared agent from our 
contact center, providing all the functionalities of an in-house 
front-desk. The agent will act as a virtual receptionist 
recieving incoming calls to your business number in a prompt 
and professional manner, and handling the customer in a 
manner and approach tailored as per the nature of your
business. The agent handles complaints, orders, enquiries, 
etc, and directs them to the concerned personnel within your 
business on priority basis. Having a virtual receptionist, you 
no longer need to deal with the hassle of managing customer 
calls and enquiries, leaving you free to work.

We also offer starter virtual reception services where we 
provide a calling line with a unique number with country code 
of your preference, and enables you to manage calls from 
anywhere around the world through an installed soft phone 



In the era of digitization, many businesses are based purely online, while others have limitations of office and personnel set up. Not having a proper and standardized system to field incoming calls and sort queries can greatly affect brand image and status. 


Our Virtual Reception takes care of your front end customer relations, handling 
all enquiries and calls in an extremely professional and personalized manner. 
Our receptionist connects to your business number so all incoming calls can be answered by a courteous professional, who takes down orders, directs complaints, resolves issues, and passes calls. 


-With a Virtual Reception managed by a trained professional, your business 
can appear much more branded and professional. 

-Customers can be handled much more easily, and customer satisfaction also 


800 & 600 CALL MAPPING

With this service, businesses can set up toll-free and service 
numbers that are standardized, and easy to remember, 
attached to their company name through call mapping. 
Unique numbers that are easy to remember makes it easier 
for customers to reach out and can open up various business 


It is cumbersome for customers and viewers to remember long phone 
numbers, which reduces the number of enquiries. Calling is a hassle that 
most people don't want to take up.


Interdev offers our clients the option to opt for unique toll-free numbers 
along with call mapping. We also set up multi-level IVR functions so that 
customers who call on the number are greeted by automated responses 
that are set according to the client's needs. 


-Unique toll-free numbers with call mapping lend more legitimacy and identity to the brand. It makes customer service more easily accessible to and availed by the public.

-The IVR system ensures that every caller is greeted in a professional and courteous manner, and no time or manpower is wasted.


We provide high-quality personalized voiceovers for your 
business. Professional voice actors are recorded conveying 
messages given by our clients, which can then be used on 
answering machines and recorded responses. We offer a 
number of languages, and any message or greeting is 
recorded in the highest quality with great attention to 
detail. A good response system can add more class and 
raise the perceived standards of a business with ease. 

Image by Will Francis


Call waiting period can be used for marketing by playing company ads, 
promotions, or company services during the call waiting period. For this, 
professional voice overs need to be scripted and recorded.


Interdev offers our clients the option to avail customized, unique recordings 
that are prepared according to a script, and recorded by professional voice 
actors. The recordings are of high quality and available in various languages. 


-When customers are greeted by customized and attractive recordings that are unique to the company, it leaves a lasting impression.

-Professional voice recordings elevate the standards of your enterprise.



With this service, clients can avail tech agents who are available 24/7 to answer customer calls and assist in resolving issues, clearing doubts about purchases and products, and taking complaints and passing them over to concerned personnel as necessary. The agents are specially trained to be efficient and highly professional. With this service, your customer relations can be smoother than before, and customer issues can be sorted and resolved with great ease.


Customers need tech support at all times. It is important for product-oriented companies to be able to assist customers with product enquiries, complaints etc. at all times, and be readily available.


Interdev's Tech Support services ensure that you are available to your customers 24/7. Our agents are always ready to provide any technical support related to the product and its usages, and also attempt to resolve complaints or direct issues to concerned authorities.


-24/7 availability and quick, professional help increase customer's trust in the company.

-Prompts the customers to engage more with the products and services, enhancing sales and promoting a positive brand image.


We offer a sales solution for businesses that require sales campaigning via phone calls. Our agents handle incoming calls through our servers, responding to leads and enquiries. The outbound sales campaign involves business development and boosts demand generation. They work on providing timely information and visibility in target markets.



Poor conversion rate is often a problem faced by businesses in their 
inbound/outbound campaigns. Inbound/outbound has to manage calls in large volumes and can be tedious in management especially in scenarios 
where calls go unanswered or invalid.


We offer professional and intelligent inbound/outbound campaign 
management solutions guided by systematic process with features like 
auto-dailer, recycling of calls and filtration of the lead database.


Case studies shows that inbound/outbound campaigns managed through systematic processes supported by intelligent tools & proven practices increases conversion rate upto 50%.

Image by Dylan Gillis


This service can be availed by enterprises that have an issue with outstanding debts that need collection. ICC takes care of debts in a highly standardised and professional manner. We take up debts of any amount, outstanding up to any time period.


Many companies and enterprises have large amounts of outstanding debt that remain unresolved due to various issues, and lack of time and manpower.


Interdev takes on outstanding debt, and works to ensure that it is paid off. Well trained and courteous professionals dedicate their time and follow planned methods to extract due payments.


-Collection of overdue debt can increase profit margins for the company, and none of the company's personnel or the time has to be invested in the tiresome task.

-Interdev executives can manage the debt collection seamlessly and professionally.


ICC offers clients who purchase our products a short training on the product purchased. The training classes are specially tailored to ensure the client is made aware of the ins and outs of the product and can be self-sufficient in its usage. The training ensures that the client is capable of utilizing the product to its full potential. We also provide operation support(monthly subscription basis) to our clients where we manage the call center at their premises at par with industry standards and it includes comprehensive MIS reports based on data analysis.

Image by Alejandro Escamilla
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


On-premise contact center solutions often demands skilled professionals for seemless implementation and most companies prefer skilling their own staffs than new recruit fitting the job description and neddless to mention the learning curve for new hirers. How do companies manage the situation ?


We offer on demand training and operation supports to our clients on the product/service purchased.


The training familiarizes the client with the various aspects of the service and gives them a better idea of the system or availing operation support on a monthly subscription basis help reducing staffing costs

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